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Dear readers
According to Bank Indonesia, global economic growth and international
commodity prices are expected to rise gradually, while global interest rates
are predicted to increase in line with the current trend of tighter monetary
policy adopted in advanced countries. Bank Indonesia forecasts national
economic growth in 2018 to be in the 5.1-5.5% range, with domestic
demand driving this growth. Furthermore, BI prognoses inflation for 2018
in Indonesia to be within the target corridor of 3.5±1%. Meanwhile, deposit
growth and credit growth are predicted to be around 9-11% and 10-12%
respectively. Despite expectations of moderate growth, the current account
deficit supposedly is to remain healthy at below 3% of GDP.
Based on these predictions, it is clear that Indonesia remains a prospective
country trade with and to invest in. One sector that we feel has especially
highpotential for growth is thepharmaceutical industry, whichwe’ve chosen
to highlight in this edition of SOROTAN. The national and international
pharmaceutical industry has been quite excited since Indonesia introduced
its National Health Insurance program, or JKN, in 2014. Valued at US$4.7
billion by the end of 2016, the sector is expected to become a $10+ billion
industry by 2025.
As Germany is well known for its
Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung
Private Krankenversicherung
, there are significant benefits to be reaped
from the cooperation between our two countries. You can find out more
about this issue in our Cover Story. We also thank Mr. Reinhard Ehrenberger,
CEO of Menarini Indonesia, for his insight into this matter.
Entering the New Year, EKONID pledges to continue to facilitate this
economic partnership between Indonesia and Germany. One highlight in
this context will definitely be the APK 2018, which will take place in Jakarta,
hosted by EKONID, from November 1 to 3.
On behalf of the team at EKONID, we wish you a successful 2018.
Happy reading.
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